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Shaping, aligning, and developing a comprehensive corporate innovation and digital transformation strategy.


  • Become the premier beauty manufacturer and innovator

  • Retain and build a world class community of creatives

  • Strengthen pipeline of new products across 24 distinct and semi-autonomous brands

  • Enhance customer experiences and brand loyalty through digital outreach and social media 


  • Shape, align and develop a comprehensive corporate innovation and digital transformation strategy 

  • Develop a new performance management system and retention program for the “creatives”

  • Initiate a series of new partnerships, trend Safari’s and incubators to push forth new, disruptive technologies and service offerings 


  • Over 50 new solutions generated within a 9 month time to accelerate digital, customer advocacy, compliance, talent and collective intelligence initiatives across business lines

  • 14 projects are in pilot phase that are driving significant incremental revenues 

  • Revolutionary new enterprise forum structure (first ever in the history of the organization) that promotes “transversality” and new set of shared convictions that span business lines, levels and geographies 

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