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Shaping a globally integrated platform around customers, partners, and organizational culture.



  • Underleveraged commercial and consumer banking resources

  • Commoditization of banking products

  • Lack of entrepreneurship 

  • No standard way of generating and advancing innovative ideas 

  • Slow to scale enterprise opportunities 


  • Shaped a globally integrated platform centered around customers, partners and organization culture

  • Innovation assessments, senior team alignment sessions

  • Designed and built out the capability and related assets associated with a global and regional set of innovation hubs

  • Incubation efforts centered around research activities, portfolio management, grants

  • Teach-do innovation methodology to support Asia, European and US innovation initiatives 


  • Focused research efforts on emerging technologies and disruptive consumer and business trends, e.g. new business models – such Bots and Machine Agents, or IoT and Machine Economies

  • Business partners across the enterprise driving consumer insights and accelerating global and regional initiatives 

  • Global and Regional Labs including connections to universities that generated $25 million in grant aid money for research

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