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Developing a comprehensive leadership program to teach the fundamentals of design thinking.


  • Shrinking corporate real-estate market forcing optimization of corporate workspaces

  • Rapidly increasing mobile and nomadic workforces

  • Expensive, out-dated manufacturing processes

  • Increasing trends toward off-shore manufacturing

  • Risk-averse leadership mindset that is slow to change


  • Shape, align and create a new leadership agenda for change led by CEO and C-Suite

  • Engage in a series of internal and external ethnographically-based studies to understand new trends associated with the “work, worker and workplace” of the future

  • Develop a comprehensive new leadership program to teach the fundamentals of design thinking and accelerating performance


  • Develop a new model for leadership and culture that emphasized design and critical thinking skills  

  • Shift business and organization model from a “maker of things” to a “maker of great experiences wherever work happens”

  • Creative confidence and design driven capabilities focused on human-centered outcomes 

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