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Building a more agile, innovative, and digitally savvy bank.


  • Build a more agile, innovative and digitally savvy global bank

  • Overcome industry disruptions and enhance customer advocacy through digital transformation 

  • Become a more attractive, relevant career destination for millennial and diverse talent

  • Develop digital leaders who turn technology into business transformation


  • Shape, design and deliver a CEO, Group Exco led transformation effort

  • Interactive Forum structure based on design thinking methods to spark, shape and rapidly prototype new business, leadership and marketplace solutions 

  • Top 500 Global leaders addressing 7 Strategic Themes ranging from digital solutions, risk management to talent management

  • Proprietary tools, methods and coaching strategies by DxD Partners


  • Over 50 new solutions generated within a 9 month timeframe to accelerate digital, customer advocacy, compliance, talent and collective intelligence initiatives across business lines

  • 14 projects are in pilot phase that are driving significant incremental revenues 

  • Revolutionary new enterprise forum structure (first ever in the history of the organization) that promotes “transversality” and new set of shared convictions that span business lines, levels and geographies 

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