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August 28, 2017

To facilitate our innovative potential, we can arrange activities in our daily lives so that we are exposed to and made conscious of many different forms of stimuli. Opportunity to attract an insight abounds. I call these opportunities "scouting for spark moments." —we can scout everywhere and at all times by simply walking out the front door of our house...

February 14, 2017

Like when we are falling in love, when we are seeking to be more creative and generate innovative solutions to vexing business, customer or technological challenges, we often find ourselves attracted to moments that all of a sudden spark our imagination. The lightbulb goes on and we begin to ponder the implications - sometimes rapidly, sometimes methodica...

February 13, 2017

Let’s face it, when you are not stimulated it’s hard to be excited or look forward to anything. When we don’t have much left in our creative tank or we are running on the vapors of ideas gone by, eventually we will simply run out of gas. Similar situations arise for so many of us from the craziness of our lives, the unconscious routines we adopt, and the...

February 6, 2017

I am lucky. My work often carries me to many beautiful, vibrant places such as Paris.  Paris has an abundant amount of beautiful café’s, restaurants, shops, museums, parks and places to meet up, dine and take in the pedestrian scenes of urban life.  Like New York where I live, Paris also has plenty of waste, garbage and exotic smells to go around that can...

January 30, 2017

Often when I am leading a workshop one or more participants come up to me afterward and say something like this: “hey I loved your program and innovation is important, but I don’t have the time to be innovative or creative.” Do you ever feel like that yourself? Let’s face it, even when we are not busy completing tasks, attending meetings, responding to em...

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